The Old Barn at Esholt Wedding Highlights

“We’ve just watched the wedding film for the first time and we absolutely love it! It somehow gets better the more we watch it.”

Sarah and Paul’s wedding took place at The Old Barn at Esholt, nearby Guiseley.

The bridal party prepared at Marriott Hollins Hall.

Picture Lock 4.00_00_35_09.Still007

The groom and the best man got ready at his own house in Guiseley.

Picture Lock 4.00_00_29_16.Still006

The wedding ceremony, reception and party all took place at The Old Barn at Esholt.

Picture Lock 4.00_01_31_15.Still012

There was a live singer playing the guitar and confetti was thrown in the air.

Picture Lock 4.00_02_06_02.Still015

A drinks reception took place just outside the barn and people had a great time socializing.

Picture Lock 4.00_02_30_05.Still020.jpg

Later, Sarah and Paul went to a nearby field to have a couple of shots taken, which turned out very romantic.

Picture Lock 4.00_02_51_11.Still028.jpg

It was a hot summer afternoon and the Cowlick Creamery handed out delicious ice cream to cool down the guests.

Picture Lock 4.00_03_28_13.Still032.jpg

Four people gave a moving speech, including Paul and Sarah’s dad.

Picture Lock 4.00_02_36_21.Still021.jpg

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