Zaynah & Dan (Highlights)

“Wow! We are blown away, it is so beautiful- thank you so much!!!”

Zaynah & Dan’s wedding took place at a beautiful country mansion in Scarcroft LS14.

The bridal and groom party got ready at their large family house.

Picture Lock + CG 2.00_00_35_08.Still003

Dan arrived at the wedding venue with a prototype Porsche.

Picture Lock + CG 2.00_01_00_21.Still005

The wedding ceremony took place in a marquee.

Picture Lock + CG 2.00_01_52_23.Still007

Drinks reception followed outside the marquee with live violin music.

Picture Lock + CG 2.00_02_27_07.Still008

Later in the afternoon, I got a few romantic shots of the couple.

Picture Lock.00_02_15_17.Still001

Funny speeches were held in the evening and the wedding cake was cut.

Picture Lock + CG 2.00_05_27_15.Still011

There was a live band and a few dance performances after which the party was in full swing.

Picture Lock + CG 2.00_05_42_09.Still013

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