Tennants Garden Rooms Wedding Highlights

Anisa & Chintan’s wedding took place at The Garden Rooms at Tennants in Leyburn.


The groom prepared quickly with the help of his cousin.

08 Seq (THE MONTAGE) Ver 2.00_00_05_17.Still002

No one was allowed to see the bride until she was fully ready.

08 Seq (THE MONTAGE) Ver 2.00_00_14_21.Still003

A lot of effort went into the bridal preparations.

08 Seq (THE MONTAGE) Ver 2.00_00_17_13.Still006

The abridged wedding ceremony took place at the same venue. The bride walked in escorted by her brother.

08 Seq (THE MONTAGE) Ver 2.00_00_42_03.Still013

Chintan give Anisa a wedding ring, not merely as a symbol of their marriage but also as a token of gratitude.

08 Seq (THE MONTAGE) Ver 2.00_00_46_14.Still016

After the ceremony, people went out to the adjacent outdoor area to take pictures and hold speeches.

08 Seq (THE MONTAGE) Ver 2.00_01_06_10.Still020

Indian drummers led the groom and his family to negotiate for access to the bride.

08 Seq (THE MONTAGE) Ver 2.00_03_00_00.Still022

Family and friends came to congratulate the newly wed couple on a luxurious stage.

08 Seq (THE MONTAGE) Ver 2.00_03_10_17.Still023

The bride and groom walked to every table to express gratitude to all guests for attending their special day. After cutting the cake, it was time for the send-off.

08 Seq (THE MONTAGE) Ver 2.00_03_51_21.Still034.jpg

Close friends and family members came to leave the bride with their warmest wishes for the future.

08 Seq (THE MONTAGE) Ver 2.00_03_47_15.Still032

Meanwhile, the groom was waiting to pick up his wife with a classic car.

08 Seq (THE MONTAGE) Ver 2.00_03_50_04.Still033.jpg

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