Dean Clough Mills Wedding Highlights 14.07.2018

Clare & William’s wedding took place in The Arches at Dean Clough Mills.

The groom and his brothers got ready at their home in Halifax.

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A vintage camper van transported the groom and the groomsmen to the wedding venue.

Seq6 C&W Montage CG.00_00_21_20.Still016

The bride and bridesmaids prepared in a different house a few miles away.

Seq6 C&W Montage CG.00_00_27_06.Still020

The groom nervously awaited the arrival of his future wife.

Seq6 C&W Montage CG.00_00_52_00.Still028

The ceremony took place in Dean Clough Mills in Halifax.

Seq6 C&W Montage CG.00_03_16_05.Still049

The couple had a photoshoot on the grounds of the venue and later at a local park.

Seq6 C&W Montage CG.00_01_34_14.Still035

Clare and William at the peaceful surroundings of Shibden Park.

Seq6 C&W Montage CG.00_02_46_20.Still005

Once back in Dean Clough, Sarah Potts Sax Player got the party started.

Seq6 C&W Montage CG.00_02_04_03.Still040

The couple had their first dance and lots of friends joined them on the dance floor.

Seq6 C&W Montage CG.00_03_05_23.Still047

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