How to burn a playable DVD with Adobe Encore and Premiere Pro

There are couples who still like to watch DVDs and as a wedding videographer, I’m often required to create playable DVDs with Premiere Pro CC and Adobe Encore.

There is plenty of information on the internet about how to burn a wedding video on a disc that successfully plays on a DVD player but much of it is incomplete or somewhat unclear.

This is how I put my wedding films onto plug-and-play DVDs.

Part 1, Exporting the Video

In Premiere Pro, export your sequence as MPEG2-DVD.

This is the format that all DVD players can read.

In “Basic Video Settings”, select:

Quality: 100
Field Order: Progressive
Aspect Ratio: Widescreen 16:9
TV Standard: PAL

In “Bitrate Settings”, select the highest possible bitrate:

Bitrate Encoding: VBR, 2 Pass
Minimum Bitrate [Mbps]: 4
Target Bitrate [Mbps]: 6
Maximum Bitrate [Mbps]: 8

Make sure the estimated file size doesn’t go over 4300MB.

Also, Encore won’t accept a bitrate above 9Mbps.

In the “Audio” tab, check to see if “PCM” is selected as “Audio Format”.

Part 2, Creating the DVD

Create a new Encore project with these settings:

Authoring Mode: DVD
Television Standard: PAL

In Encore, import your M2V file (MPEG2-DVD) and WAV (PCM) audio as timeline.

The imported files shouldn’t need transcoding because they’ll already be in a format that all DVD players understand.

Add chapters if needed.

In the “Properties” tab with the “Project” panel selected:

Name your disc.
First Play: Chapter 1
Title Button: Stop

In the “Properties” tab with the “Timeline” panel selected:

End Action: Stop
Menu Remote: Return to Last Menu

In the “Build” tab:

Click “Check Project” to analyse for errors. If none, proceed to:

Format: DVD
Output: DVD Disc
Create Using: Current Project

Enter a 4.7GB DVD disc in your recorder, refresh and select the lowest “Write Speed”.

Name your disc and click “Build”.

That’s it! I hope you find the process as easy as it sounds.

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