Barmbyfield Barns Wedding Documentary & Highlights 25.05.2019

Nicola & James’ wedding at St Catherine’s Church Barmby Moor and reception at Barmbyfield Barns in York.

Wedding Highlights

Wedding Documentary

0:120:36 Ceremony venue. The ceremony took place in St Catherine’s Church in Barmby Moor, Pocklington.¬†The grounds were peaceful and birds sang from every corner.

0:3702:22 Guests arrive.

02:2303:50 Bridesmaids and bride arrive.

03:5219:42 Ceremony. It was my first time filming a church wedding. The congregation said prayers and sang hymns.

19:4522:33 Post ceremony greetings and confetti.

22:3526:27 Reception at Barmbyfields Barns. Apart from socialising, guests also had the option to play various outdoor games. New York Brass Band were there to play for a few hours as well.

26:2847:27 Speeches x3

47:2848:20 Evening guests arrive. Cake cut. Street food.

48:2153:55 First dance and party.

53:56 Video shoot with the couple at dusk.

S1 Highlights 1920x1080.00_00_03_10.Still010
S1 Highlights 1920x1080.00_00_08_04.Still011
S1 Highlights 1920x1080.00_02_03_02.Still023
S1 Highlights 1920x1080.00_01_30_18.Still017
S1 Highlights 1920x1080.00_01_53_20.Still021
S1 Highlights 1920x1080.00_03_07_05.Still029

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