Wedding Documentary

The Wedding Documentary is a full-length film (usually up to 90 mins long) that documents your entire wedding day, from bridal preparations to the first dance and a bit of the party. It includes coverage of the whole wedding ceremony, speeches and first dance.

The Wedding Documentary is ideal for couples who want a video that covers their wedding day in depth. It includes shots which last long (10 to 30 seconds, or more) and linger on the people and activity being filmed. This type of wedding video contains naturally occurring sounds that will enable you to recollect the atmosphere and relive your memories.

Although the Wedding Documentary isn’t suitable for sharing on social media because of its file size and length, it’s great for watching on a DVD player at home. The standard delivery time is 30 days in digital format, on disk or personalised USB stick.

If you are looking for a shorter video, consider reading about my Wedding Highlights package. It includes a video montage that highlights key moments from your entire wedding day. This option is ideal if you want a concise video that provides an exciting overview of your special day.